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Mann steht auf Berg, Aussicht, Empowerment

Individual support

With heart

Nice that you're here!

Have you ever wondered what you actually do in this world? What should be the meaning of your life? 


"SMART Way 4 Life" means advice, motivation and support to your better life:  Support on the road!

I support you, in your home, in your life, wherever you are right now. 


Get rid of unnecessary pressure,

take the SMART way of your life.

Wald Helena Lebensbegleitung_edited.jpg

Everything is possible!  

I support you, we`ll reflect together and

clarify situations and above all activate your resources.  


At the first meeting, we define your Goals and whether we can and would like to work together.

I work according to the humanistic image of man and orient myself

on the Code of Conduct for Social Work Switzerland.  


It is important to me, to support you, to be able to realize your potential and to accompany you towards your self-determination. 

I look forward to seeing you

Sincerely Helena

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