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The heart only reveals itself

              if you put it into words.



"Inspiring people is my passion"
Helena Egede Portrait

My motivation as a coach is to encourage people to self-reflect and to support them sustainably in developing a healthy and appreciative relationship with themselves.


As a firstborn, I go through life protective, responsible and with an optimistic attitude.


Self-confidence and trust in my environment, support my joy to accompany every person seeking change.

Active and independent, I always knew that I wanted "more". More freedom,

more of"something else" and more justice in this world.


Growing up surrounded by nature, I learned to respect creation. I believe in the good in people and that everyone can take responsibility for
his happiness.


Unpleasant and difficult situations in life have taught me to have the choice to make the best of life at any time .


Together with my cousin, I "built bridges" at a young age.

Back then from tree branches over small streams. Today with words and questions

towards the self-awareness of my counterpart.

I have been living in Zurich with my family since 2001.

My professional career began in gastronomy. I love to cook.

And I always "entertain" my guests with all my heart.

So it was only a matter of time before I started my own business as a coach.


I am happy to listen to you and support you on your new path.



butterfly by Krzysztof  Niewolny
My career
  • Since 2021 Social counseling

  • 2020 Volunteer Visiting Companion

  • 2009-2021 private support

  • Founder, 24-7 Trust, charity nigeria

  • Private assistant

  • STV. Housekeeping management, Paulus Akademie, Zurich

  • Hotel management school, Braunwald

Advanced training
  • Social Counseling, SSB Zurich

  • Coach at Coachingplus GmbH

  • Life coach, New Skills Academy

  • Employee management, Gastro Zurich

  • Care of discerning guests, Gastro Zurich

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